Terms & Conditions

Code of Conduct

All activities are organized by V5 social sports and entertainment pvt. Ltd. under Logo of Social Sportz as highlighted at many places.

Everyone at activities organized by Social Sportz including participants, spectators, staff and official are expected to treat each other with respect. Sport can bring out intense competition and passion but verbal or physical abuse by anyone will not be tolerated. When incidents do occur they will be dealt with quickly and fairly to ensure all activities maintain a "positive and safe environment" for everyone.

Facilities must be treated with respect since they're our lifeline to sport. No smoking, food or drink (except water) are permitted in facilities unless otherwise noted. To keep activity costs as affordable as possible, anyone who damages a facility will be held responsible and charged for the damages.

We adhere to zero tolerance policy to dangerous behavior, threatening language or facility abuse. Offenders will be asked to leave the facility. Failure to leave means an automatic forfeit for their team. Depending on the severity of the incident offenders may also be suspended, expelled or banned. If need be and in dire circumstances, police intervention can be sought by the organizers.

Payment & participation

In order to participate in an activity, you must sign up from the activity page online. Every participant of an activity must sign up online prior to participating and agree to these terms.

By signing up to an activity you agree to pay in full. Payment must be made prior to the activity's start date. Your placement in an activity is only confirmed once payment is received in full.

Refunds at sole discretion of organizers. We adhere to strictly no refund policy. .

Privacy & mailers

We are committed to protecting your privacy and will never spam you. By creating an account and telling Social Sportz your sport interests, you agree to receive email notifications for new activities in the sports you like and for general announcements.

At any time you may update your sport preferences from your account settings or opt-out of receiving Social Sportz emails by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the website.

Social Sportz often takes photos and videos from activities and uses them to promote Social Sportz activities online, in print and on television. If you don't want to be in them please don't pose for photos and notify your activity admin at the first session.


I understand and accept that there are risks involved in participating in any recreational activity. I am aware of those risks, and I am voluntarily participating in this activity with knowledge of the risks involved. I agree to accept any and all such risks of injury, death and/or property damage. I agree to the terms of this waiver, release, covenant not to sue and indemnity agreement as set forth herein. In case of injury or illness, I give my consent to emergency transportation and the administration of first aid, medical and/or dental treatment. I accept responsibility for the payment of any emergency transportation, treatment expenses and any related or subsequent medical and/or dental bills. I acknowledge that V5 Social Sports and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and the sports facility have not purchased and do not provide any medical or accident insurance to cover such expenses. Any such insurance is my responsibility. I waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless V5 Social Sports and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., its facilities, its members, officials, officers, directors, employees, volunteers, agents or any other representative of V5 Social Sports and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. against any and all causes of action, claims, demands, losses, expenses, ability.

In addition, I understand that my conduct, if deemed inconsistent with the rules of good sportsmanship or V5 Social Sports and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Code of Conduct may result in my expulsion from this and other activities.