Combine Academy Package of Basketball and Volleyball

(Get the advantage and learn basketball and volleyball both)

Email -
Ph - +91-9643503703

Evening – 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Location - Social Sportz Facility, Crossing Republic (Behind IGL Petrol Station), Ghaziabad

Price Detail : Price as monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly
 2000 INR Per Person Monthly
 5500 INR Per Person Quarterly
 10000 INR Per Person Half Yearly
 18000 INR Per Person Yearly

Pay Now Pay Cash at Facility

•This event/league/academy is recreational and is social i.e. non competitive and mixed gender
• Well qualified coaches
• The format is basic to advanced
• Onehour timeslot per day (5 days in a week) for each sport
• Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly and Yearly prices available
• Small Group only. Limited participants only. First come first serve basis
• Groups will be decided as per age group and skill level
• If required, Special Ladies only timing could be created
• Admin has the final authority to decide on any issue arising in the game (pertaining to the game)
• SocialSportz T&C applies
• Get signed up and grab a spot