event-image Golf-Academy - Kids

Ph: +91-9643503703
Created By : Social Sportz

Time – 08:00 AM

Day (s) – Saturday, Sunday

Duration – 6 Weeks (12 classes)

Start Date – Sign Up Now for the next batch

Location - Crossing Republic Golf Course, Ghaziabad

  • The Academy offers a unique approach towards learning golf.
  • This unique course gives and overall view of golf, rules of a golf game, Mechanics of Swing, Chipping, Putting, Developing the short and long game, learn the club selection technique 
  • Only small groups (per group 5 kids max) 
  • Get signed up and grab a spot 
  • We strictly adhere to payment rules. Please pay on the day of start of course or earlier.
  • Time is of essence. Please be on time for the class 
  • Training Equipment will be provided 
  • SocialSportz T&C applies

Price Detail :
 3150 INR Per Person (Full Course)

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