event-image Dribble And Shoot (Recreational Basketball)

Passion to play basketball or want to burn some calories or just want to play for fun... go nowhere...

Ph: +91-9643503703
Created By : Social Sportz

Morning – 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Evening – 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM

(Time slot of 2 Hrs will be allocated for each Member. See rules for details)

Location - Social Sportz Facility, Crossing Republic (Behind IGL Petrol Station), Ghaziabad

• This event/league is recreational and is social i.e. non competitive and mixed gender
• The format is Two hour timeslot per day monthly
• Limited participants are allowed in a timeslot
• Timeslot of 2 Hours will be allocated to each member
• Preferred time slot can only be given on first come first serve basis
• If a member plans to play outside the timeslot, he/she needs to inform the admin as soon as possible. The place can only be given if a one of the member from the requested timeslot does not turn up
• Any format of the play is possible in the 2 hour time slot. All players will decide as per mutual consent
• This event does not include coaching
• If required, Special Ladies only timing could be made
• All skill level are welcome to join
• Players should govern themselves as per the spirit of the game
• Admin has the final authority to decide on any issue arising in the game (pertaining to the game)
• SocialSportz T&C applies
• Get signed up and grab a spot

Price Detail :
 750 INR Per Person Monthly
 1500 INR Per Person Quarterly
 2700 INR Per Person Half Yearly
 5000 INR Per Person Yearly

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