Online Academy

To attain proficiency in sports, it is always important to get advices from the experts. For example, in football, a range of skills and techniques are required, which involves the motion of every part of the body, with or without the ball, under regular pressure of the opponents. The learning process becomes complex when the situations of quick decision making and correct off the ball positioning occur. In cricket, the five basic principles of batting include watching the ball, keeping the head still on the release of the ball, judging the length of the ball accurately, allow the hands to lead the body and feet into the correct position and the selection of the right shot. Apart from these, there are specific techniques in all sections of cricket.

Like cricket, there are few basic principles in tennis, which are athletic ability, balance, explosiveness, hand-eye coordination and ball judgement. Mental skills, such as motivation, competitive spirit, concentration, problem solving etc cannot be ignored.

In Social Sportz, we have developed the concept of 'Online Academy' to help all individuals to improve skills of sports with the advices of the experts. It also helps those who aspire to learn a new game. The queries can be sent in the forms of photos, videos or even in simple texts, which will then be picked up, evaluated and replied by the experts of specific disciplines. This concept is developed to enable individuals to improve their techniques and solve their problems related to sports in shortest possible time.

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